How do I open an account ?

The registration process at lionsbit is easy and free of charge. Simply click on the ‘Open Account’ tab and complete the registration form. The process is secure and we maintain the safety of your personal and financial information at all times.

How do I contact lionsbit?

We have 24/5 costumer support service. The best way to contact us is via mail at support@lionsbit.com

What Happned If I forgot my login details?

If you have forgotten your password, please click on ‘Forgot Password?’ and we will immediately issue a new password. This new information will be sent to your email address provided at the time of registration.

How can I deposit money into my account?

Deposit money with lionsbit is quick and easy. We accept Debit/Credit card visa or master card and wire transaction. After open the account you will be directing to a deposit fund page, or you can just click the deposit fund button on the page. In case you have any difficulties please contact us.

Which currencies do you accept?

As for now, we accept EUR and USD and BTC

What is the minimum deposit amount?

250 USD or 200 EUR or the equivalent in BTC

What is the maximum deposit amount?

That’s depend how you made the deposit. For credit card : 5000 EUR daily limit. Wire transaction: no limit.

How can I open withdraw request?

Withdrawing money from lionsbit is easy to do, To open a withdraw you will have to do the following

  • Login to your trading account.
  • Go to Trade Now in the top menu and click on ‘Withdrawal’.
  • Complete the withdrawal form and submit it to us through the website.

Please note that from the moment that Withdraw has been approve it usually takes 3-5 business days until the balance is reflected in your account. In the case of Wire transaction it can even take more.

* Additional Fee Might Be Added To Your Withdraw Base On The Amount Requested And The Currency. Please Check Term And Conditions.

Is there a minimum amount to request a withdraw?

Yes. lionsbit min amount to withdraw is 100 USD or EUR.

How do I start trading

At lionsbit we do our best to make it easy for you. After open account and deposit fund into your account your trading account will be available to trade.

Choose from one of the platform available on the site, put in your log in details and start trade.

* Please note that a KYC will be requested , not provide KYC documents might result restriction in trading.

Which platform do you use?

Lionsbit offers you Sirix web trafer, Sirix station and mobile.

Which assets are available to trade?

Lionsbit offer you the facility of trading diferrent types of cryptocurrencies

When can I trade?

Cryptocurrencies are conected from different exchanges. as long as there is market you can trade!